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3 Sisters Non Alcoholic German Lager


330 ml

3 Sisters Non Alcoholic German Lager

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Made from the freshest ingredients, all natural fruit juices and additives, and our innovative 0% alcohol retentive brewing process. Every pint of 3Sisters’ Non alcoholic beer contains merely 9 g of sugar and 42 calories. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, and it's perfect for when you want the drink, but not the fuss!


Carbonated water + barley malt + hops + sugar + lactic acid and permitted class ii preservatives (211) + Natural and nature identical flavouring substances + natural color (150D)

Flavour Profile

German lager

Storage Info

Store in a cool dry place, do not expose to sunlight

Key Facts

Manufactured by - Adhar Beverages, 112, Khurana Compound, Bhandup (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400078 FSSAI License - 11515013000307 Marketed by - Adhar Beverages Pvt. Ltd., B-1, Dharamraj Industrial Estate, Lake Road, Bhandup West. Greater Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400078 FSSAI License - 11522013000152 Nutritional info per 100ml Calories - 35.5kcal Total fat - 0.0g -Saturdated fat - 0.0g - Trans - 0.0g Sodium - 1.0mg Potassium - 0.0mg Protein - 0.0g Total Carbohydrates - 8.5g -Dietary Fibers - 0.0g - Sugars - 8.5g Best before - 8 months from date of manufacture

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