Barbox Whiskey Stones 6Pcs


Barbox Whiskey Stones 6Pcs

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Contains 6 Bar Box Ice Cubes Whiskey Stones to chill your favorite beverage without diluting the taste. Drop three or four cubes and enjoy the refreshing feel of a cool iced drink. It is the quickest way to cool your drink, while retaining its original flavour. So sit back, relax and enjoy your chilled glass of whiskey, vodka, wine, beer, scotch, tequila, bourbon juices and other beverages, in all their natural tastes. Fun Fact - They have a huge variety of different purposes. Heat them, wrap them up in a heavy cloth and use them as a warm soothing pack for your hurting neck or back in winter. If you got a bruise or a bump just take them out of the freezer and use.

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