Barbox Winged Corkscrew


Barbox Winged Corkscrew

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Are you wondering how to open a wine bottle without spilling the content? Our bottle opener cum wine bottle corkscrew remover, helps you in opening the corkscrew of your wine bottle smoothly. It also features a normal bottle opener. Small, handy, light weight, it is great for your opener / corkscrew needs. It has a all in one design - The multifunctional wing corkscrew built-in bottle opener is designed for wine beer and other bottles with caps or corks meet all your needs. The ergonomic anti-slip wing handle. ergonomic curved lines and the anti-slip rubber grip cover contribute to a comfortable gasp and less downward pressure to pull out the cork. The hard sharp zinc alloy screw helps you rotate the corkscrew into the cork quickly. Our polished finished corkscrew is made by premium zinc alloy, which ensures longer durability and stronger corrosion resistance. The lever principle applied structure saves your strength to open the wine easily.

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