Blunt Energy Drink



Blunt Energy Drink

Made in


Sri Lanka

Blunt Energy Drink is a can full of blazing energy that delivers an instant kick with a delicious taste, leaving you refreshed every time you drink it.


Carbonated Water + Sugar + Dextrose + Acidity Regulators (INS 300 + INS 500 (ii) + INS 504) + Taurine + Caffeine + Preservative (INS 211) + Vitamins (B3 + B6).

Key Facts

Imported by - Dugar Overseas Pvt. Ltd. D-64, Chattarpur Enclave, New Delhi-110074. India Manufactured by - Ceylon Beverage International (Pvt) Lt Lot 53B. Horana Export Processing Zone. Poruwadanda. Boralugoda Sri Lanka. FSSAI License no - 10012011000106 Nutritional info per 100 ml Energy - 46 Kcal Carbohydrate - 11.5g Total Sugar - 11g Added Sugar - 11g Protein - 0.1g Fat - 0.0g Sodium - 529.5mg Catteine - 30mg Taurine - 400mg Niacinamide - 2.87mg Vitamin B6 - 0.4mg

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