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Borécha Icey Tea Rose Vanilla Sparkling Iced Tea



Borécha Icey Tea Rose Vanilla Sparkling Iced Tea

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Sounds like you just paved your way for a little rosy heaven there! Velvety smooth with the perfect vanilla sweetness, sipping tea is the new daydreaming. Not to paint a rosy picture, but Rose infused with tea has been proven to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial along with producing analgesic effects. Low Cal, Low Sugar: That’s right! We are India's first canned, cold-brewed sparkling iced tea. The antioxidants in our iced tea help reduce any long-term damage to cells. It soothes your system, repairs it, refreshes it, and reboots it. Looking for a companion to go with your weekend plans? This drink goes well with parties, get-togethers, and celebrating the bubbly side of life! Our iced tea is also a great cocktail mixer. It’s light, durable, and versatile.


Water + Reconstituted apple juice from concentrate (12%) + Sugars (cane sugar + dextrose monohydrate) + Carbon dioxide (INS 290) + Assam Tea + Citric Acid + Inulin (fiber extracted from chicory root) + Darjeeling Tea + Natural Identical Flavour: Rose Vanilla + Salt

Flavour Profile

Rose, Vanilla

Storage Info

Store in a cool dry place, do not expose to sunlight

Key Facts

Manufactured by - Latambarcem Brewers Pvt. Ltd. H. No 72, NANODA, BICHOLIM, North Goa, Goa, 403503 Nutritional info per 330ml Energy Kcal - 33 Total Fat - 0.3g Cholesterol - 0g Sodium - 5.1mg Total Carbohydrate - 7.5g - Dietary Fiber - 0g - Total Sugars - 7g Protein - 0.12g FSSAI License - 8908013194384

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