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Fanta Strawberry Flavored

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Fanta Strawberry is a refreshing, sparkling soft drink with delicious strawberry flavour that lingers on your tongue. It is the sweet yet juicy flavour of strawberries partnered with the carbonated soda we all know and love. Each sip will give you that bright, bubbly and instantly refreshed feeling. It is made with 100% natural flavour and is caffeine-free, making it one of Summers best drinks.


Carbonated Water + Sucrose + Flavouring + Citric Acid + Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) + Acesulfame Potassium + Sucralose And Colouring.

Key Facts

Marketed by - ‎ Manufactured by - FSSAI License no - Nutritional info per 100 ml Energy - 19kcal Proteins - 0.0g Fat - 0.0g Carbohydrates - 4.6g Total sugars - 4.6g Sodium - 3mg

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