Dash Of RCB Whiskey Sour



Dash Of RCB Whiskey Sour

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These cocktails are made to mix perfectly with your favorite spirit or enjoy straight up as a mocktail. Crafted by some of india's top mixologists, RCB mixers are made with no artificial sweeteners. This is achieved by using only the highest quality ingredients with their natural sweetness.


Ingredients: Water + Sugar + Orange Juice Concentrate (3%) + Lemon juice Concentrate 1.2%) + Acidity Regulator (INS 330) + Antioxidant (INS 300) + Stablizer (INS 440) + Permitted Class II Preservatives (INS 211 + INS 202) and Natural Food Colour (150d) Contains Added Flavors (Nature-Identical Flavoring Substances) & Permitted synthetic food colour. Fruit Juice from Concentrate equivalent to 25% Fruit Juice.

Key Facts

Manufactured by Pushpam Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd., GAT No. 104/2A, Borate Vasti (Nandur), Tal Daund, Dist. Pune 412202. Maharashtra, India. FSSAI license no- 11223999000161. Nutritional Information (Approximate value) 1 SERVE = 125 ml; THIS PACK CONTAINS 2 SERVINGS Per 100ml -Energy Kcal 38.6 -Carbohydrates g/100ml 9.44g -Total Sugars g/100 ml 9.43g -Added Sugar as sucrose g/100ml 8.5g -Protein g/100 ml 0.21g -Fat g/100 ml 0g -Sodium (mg) 59.82 mg

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