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Estuary Assorted Pack of 2 (Gin + Vodka Blending Water)


330ml Pack of 2

Estuary Assorted Pack of 2 (Gin + Vodka Blending Water)

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Crafted to match the characteristics of flavoured spirits. Distilled six times to reduce its density and make it a more ideal mixer. Blending Water is designed to amplify the flavours infused into unflavoured and flavoured Spirits. About this item: <>The World's First Blending Water, Specially Formulated to Blend Perfectly With Drinks <>Preserves The Delicate Balance of Flavours In Spirits, Zero Calorie and 100% Natural Water From Sustainable Sources <>No Exposure To Plastic Or Pollutants <>A Global Innovation That's Flaunt Worthy What is blending water? Blending Water is a mixer for spirits which retains and amplifies the Authentic Flavour of the spirit and smoothens the Drinking Experience. Does blending water contain any added flavours? No, blending water does not contain any addded flavours. Is blending water similar to tonic water, sparkling water or spring water? No, Blending Water is the World's 1st water which is exclusively crafted for blending with spirits. It's unique formulation makes it the only water in this category all over the world Does blending water contain alcohol? No, blending water is 100% ALCOHOL FREE. Can Estuary blending water be refrigerated? Yes, you can serve it as per your personal drinking preference.. What is the shelf life of blending water? The shelf life of blending water is 24 months, best stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


Pure Water - Filtered + distilled & Toned and formulated through a signature multi-stage filtrations + crafted for blending with the spirits

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Manufactured and Marketed by - Estuaries Industries Private Limited, PLOT NUMBER 22, TD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE,, CHANGODAR, NEAR ASHWAMEGH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE,, CHANGODAR GIDC, GUJARAT, IN, 382213, FSSAI License No -10020021006336 Nutritional data: Calcium < 40, Potassium < 30, Magnesium < 35, Calories: 0 calories, pH: 7.5 to 8.5 Nutritional data: : Calcium < 50, Potassium < 40, Magnesium < 25, Calories: 0 calories, pH: 7 to 8

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