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Introducing Gordon's Tonic Water with Lemon Flavor: a harmonious blend of the finest ingredients that promises to elevate your beverage experience. This meticulously crafted tonic water combines the timeless allure of quinine with the refreshing essence of zesty lemon, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. At the heart of Gordon's Tonic Water is the natural quinine extract, derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. With a legacy deeply rooted in traditional medicine and mixology, quinine imparts a distinct bitterness that has long been cherished in classic cocktails. Infused with the essence of lemons, this tonic water takes a delightful twist, seamlessly marrying the natural bitterness of quinine with the invigorating citrus notes of fresh lemon.


Ingredients: Carbonated Water + Invert Sugar + Acidity Regulator {INS 330 + INS 331 (iii)} + Preservatives (INS 202 + INS 211) + Quinine Contains Added Natural and Nature Identical Flavouring Substances Lemon Flavoured Carbonated Water

Key Facts

Manufactured by Pushpam Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd., GAT No. 104/2A, Borate Vasti (Nandur), Tal Daund, Dist. Pune 412202. Maharashtra, India. FSSAI license no- 10018011005854. Nutritional Information (Approximate Values) 1 Serve Quantity = 330 ml. The Pack Contains 1 Serve Per 100 ml -Energy 19.60Kcal -Protein 0.00g -Carbohydrates 4.90g -Total Sugar 4.90g -Added Sugar 4.90g -Total Fat 0.00g -Sodium 0.00mg

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