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Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin


750 ml

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin




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It is said that the mystique of a book begins with its cover. Quite like the magic of Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin which starts enrapturing from its fascinating bottle itself. Just like a splendid and serene night in the midst of a desert, silent, shining and complete, the exquisite bottle makes a powerful statement, without saying a word. The chic dark black packaging is complemented with touches of muted gold. Perhaps, it is an allusion to the golden sand that shines in all its glory, against the pitch black night. The black buck in the logo is royally reminiscent of the highly prized Jaisalmer Royal Flag. The pride of the state and an elegant form on its own, the black buck is all things regal.


Gin + Spirit + Water

Flavour Profile

Lemon, Piquant Citrus and Spice Coriander Leads

Tasting Notes

Zesty lemon, piquant citrus and spice coriander leads, with a grassy verdant undertone lending it depth. Juniper is quiet, but the aroma accord reads as familiar. Jaisalmer Gin rises with mellow lemon flesh and soft juniper.

Serving Info


Storage Info

Can be stored at room temperature, to be chilled at 4 deg C before serving

Key Facts

History -The company undertook a major expansion of its solvent extraction plant to increase the capacity from 300 tpd to 600 tpd in 1994, and launched Contessa Rum, Contessa Whisky and a few other products in CMI markets in 1995.[13] Contessa Rum is mainly sold to the Canteen Stores Department (CSD).[14] Radico entered into a joint venture with Whyte & Mackay Group plc. in the same year, and launched Scotch whisky brands 15 YO, Findlater and WMSR in India.[13] While planning to launch a new brand in 1996, Khaitan and his son Abhishek, who had joined the company recently, found that more Scotch was consumed in India than was bottled in Scotland, and there was no Scotch blended whisky brand available in India in the lower price range at that time. -The Khaitans intended to launch a brand to target that segment, but had low finances, which was compounded by the entry of MNCs into the Indian liquor industry.[5] The first Radico Khaitan IMFL brand was 8 PM whisky, launched in 1999,[15] and currently Radico's flagship brand.[16][17] According to Abhishek Khaitan, the name was chosen as the company felt that "8 was the simplest thing to depict", and also because "people usually start drinking at 8 pm." in India. The TV advert for the whisky was in black-and-white, and depicted opposing soldiers bonding over 8 PM whisky at an international border.[5] Radico announced in May 1999 that it had submitted a proposal to set up a distillery in Kyrgyzstan, which had been and it had been accepted by Kyrgyzstan government. Awards -Best Gin Gold Metal 2020 by the Fifty Best, USA. -Grand Gold by Monde Selection, Bruxelles 2020. -Best Gin in Asia 2019 by the Gin Guide, UK. -Gold Medal at Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019.

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