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Neer Kombucha Ginger

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A gut-friendly, fermented, brewed tea with zero additives.Neer makes a great mixer, post-workout refresher, and a much better alternative to sugary cola. Neer Kombucha, aids with metabolism, contains organic acids, contains antioxidants, strengthens immunity system, boosts energy and is low in calorie. The brewed teas are naturally effervescent, flavourful, and slightly tangy - They are all-natural, additive-free and flavoured with real fruits and herbs.


Triple UV filtered water + green tea + black tea + sugar + Scoby + Ginger extract

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Store in a cool dry place, do not expose to sunlight

Key Facts

Manufactured by - 52/1586, Anuragam, Lane 30, Janatha road, Vyttila, Ernakulam 682019 FSSAI License - 21321187001473 Nutritional info per 250ml- Calories - 22 Kcal Sugar - 4.38g Carbohydrate - 4.45g Protien - 1.1g Sodium - 0g Best before - 4 months from manufacture

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