Insulated 1.5 Bottle Cooler Bag


1.5 Litre

Insulated 1.5 Bottle Cooler Bag

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picnic bag that aims to make your outing fun and effortless. The bag can accommodate: 1 x 750 ml Glass Bottle and 2 Glasses, or 1 x 750 ml and 1 x 500 ml Glass Bottles, or 3 x 500 ml soda cans, or 1 x 1000 ml and 1 x 500 ml Water Bottles HIGHLIGHTS Fits 1 x 1000ml & 1 x 500ml Bottles Free 2 Units of Ice Gel Packs Compact and Discreet Design Removable Bottle Slot Keeps Drinks Cool for up to 6 Hours 360 Degree Thick Padding Big Front Zipper Pocket Extra Slots for Accessories PRODUCT INFO Dimensions: 5.5 L x 4.5 W X 14 H inch Adjustable Belt: Approx. 45 inch in length Product weight: 200 gms Product volume: 2 Litre. Country of Origin: India · CARRY HAPPINESS: Carry Your Favourite Drinks like Wine, Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Soda, Juice, Milk and Water wherever you go. · 5X THERMAL INSULATION: Keep Your Drinks Cool for up to 6 hours. Add a few Ice Packs to get up to 10 hours of cooling. · 360 DEGREE PADDING: Thick Padding gives extra protection to glass bottles. The Bottle Partitions ensure that Glass Bottles make no clinking noise. · EXTRA SLOTS: Now Carry Beer/Wine Glasses, Accessories, and Snacks in the same bag. One Bottle Bag to complete all your Party Needs.

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Returns / Replacement / Warranty - Please note only in case of manufacturing defects the product can be replaced by the brand. There are no refunds, a replacement of the product will be issued in place of the defected product. Please share an image of the defect within 24-48 hours of the product delivery. Request you to create an unboxing video upon reciept to avoid hassles during the replacement process. Frequently Asked Questions Q. How to use Outer Woods Insulated Cooler Bag? A. Keep the Cold Bottles / Cans directly from the Refrigerator into the Outer Woods Cooler Bag. We recommend to add few Ice Gel Packs to get better cooling duration. Q. How long will the Outer Woods Insulated Cooler Bag keep the drinks cold? A.The Outer Woods Bags are designed to give 6 to 8 Hours of Cooling, however the cooling duration will also depend on other external factors. Q. Can we carry Hot drinks in this Bag too A. Yes, you can carry Hot drinks in this bag. However, the thermal insulation time will vary accordingly. Q. Can this bag be used for keeping Cold and Hot drinks together? A. No, we suggest you either carry Cold or Hot drinks at one time. Please do not keep both Hot & Cold drinks in the same bag as it will not give you the desired results.

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