Sipologie Galaxy 9 Piece Barware Set


Sipologie Galaxy 9 Piece Barware Set

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The set includes 2 Boston shakers, a double-sided jigger (1 oz and 2 oz), a Hawthorne strainer, a muddler, a mixing spoon, 2 liquor pourers, and a stylish stand to keep all your tools organized. The Sipologie barware set is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and with the Hawthorne strainer it is easy to pour and strain your cocktails. The jigger allows you to accurately measure your ingredients, while the strainer ensures that your drinks are free of ice and other debris. The muddler is perfect for crushing herbs, fruits, and spices to release their flavors and aromas, and the spoon can be used to stir your drinks and garnish them with a twist or add a cherry on top. The stand features a compact design that takes up minimal counter space while still keeping all your tools within easy reach. Each piece is expertly crafted to ensure maximum durability and functionality, so you can mix your drinks with confidence.

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